2012-07-22 — Mud Hero - Calgary

Way to go Calgary... 37,000 Photos!!

We're in the process of sorting & uploading 37,000 photos from Mud Hero Calgary. We'll update this page when all photos are online.


Due to mud & lost bibs on course there will lots of photos we can't index by bib number. We're sorting the photos by obstacle and time. Each obstacle will be sorted into one hour increments. This is the time of day the photo was taken, NOT the wave start time.

You can request any of your photos or candids be indexed to your bib number. Simply use the Report Index Error/Submit Correction link below the photo and tell us what your bib number is & we'll index it for you. Once your photos are indexed to your bib they will all come up when your bib number is searched making it easy to buy the Download All My Images product, which is the best value if you want more than 3 high-res images.

Digital Resolution

We offer 3 digital sizes.

If you're not sure which to order just contact us & we'll help you out.

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