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Whether you want to boost event enrollment, grow participant support or offer exceptional race kit value, Zoomphoto can help!

Rather than charging participants for their event photos we’d rather give them included as part of the race kit, making the event look great! Secure a photo sponsor and help maximize their investment in your event. We’ll include event and sponsor logos on all digital photos, and when participants download and actively share their photos through social media your event and sponsor get the recognition. It’s a Win-Win-Win!

Zoomphoto gets your event photos online FAST, often within 24 hours. We’ll send personal emails, with download links, direct to participants so they can start sharing photos; and our experience shows they’ll show their thanks posting positive comments on the event’s Facebook page.

The value of including event photos for your participants can add a value of $150 to $200 to the race kit. This is the future of event photography. Contact Zoomphoto if you’re ready to learn more.

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